I thought it would be cool to have a space to share quotes and thoughts I find inspiring.  Almost simultaneously, I became aware of this stuff called chalkboard contact paper and I realized it was the perfect match because it would allow me, and others, to share, draw, and inspire creatively and (easily) temporarily...

I had a frame, but it didn't have a backing.  It was a mirror I had

ruined during another idea...

It happens :)

Anyway, it made the project harder, because I had to level and hang the frame and contact paper separately.  First, I measured the wall, split the measurment to center the frame, hung and leveled it.  Once that was finished, I marked the entire inside AND outside of the frame, on the wall, so I would know exactly where to hang my contact paper.

Next, using the frame as a template, I traced its shape onto the backing of the contact paper, inside AND outside.  I cut it out roughly between the two...that way its border wouldn't be visible once the frame hung around it. 

It is literally peel-and-stick stuff, so I applied it to the wall inside my pre-traced template and rehung the frame over it. 

Then it was finished & ready for some creativity...     :)