There were previously small shelves hung in this space, which couldn't be removed easily because the screws were stripped.  In the process of trying to remove them, I inflicted some really bad damage to the wall (with a hammer...I never do anything halfway #wink). 

They say you should know your strengths and weaknesses...I do.  One of my weaknesses is sheetrock/mud work.  I never get it to look smooth and perfect.  Therefore, a regular wall repair wasn't in the cards. However, one of my strengths is my artistic ability.  With that in mind, I devised a clever plan to satisfy design and functionality.  I love trees...and I always love to find ways of bringing the outside, inside. 

This idea was quickly executed using Light Molding Paste, an artistic medium.  It's awesome...much like the consistency of whipped cream (it's difficult for me to remember not to lick my fingers as I work) and that's paint involved.  Covered and filled-in the damage and provided texture that resembles a real tree.  Just spread it on with my paint pallette knives...more fun than the law should allow :)