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Nature Lessons: The Movement of Water



How many times I’ve found myself testing boundaries, learning what I could trust and what I could not. The desert and hills of my youth were the best teachers. I marvel now at the simple things which have manifested themselves into my being. Hours spent in creative concentration; navigating new experiences and explorations.

I learned early to trust my hands. [...]


Blogging Naked...


'Better' is always a Possibility...

I am desperate, without fear, struggling to salvage and save the better parts of myself to share.  Urgency exists to share a love for the world so great my heart cannot hold.  I want something of substance to speak to my existence...to announce my part in the greatness of that which is 'life'.  For I am more than mere flesh and blood; veins filled with the fluid genetics of ancestry.

No, I am all this and more, and it is the more I ache to share  [...]

haha...gotcha!  Title is important it seems...


But I am naked, this moment.  In a way you cannot see, but can appreciate...

My heart is on my sleeve.  I love you...whoever you are.

I don't need to know you.  I don't need to know anything about you to love you.  Love is free; a completely renewable resource [...]


Living well and being grateful for our journey is a constant process of change and growth.  Changing our thinking will change our world, but it is up to each individual whether that change works toward their betterment or detriment.

It is helpful to recognize ourselves as beings that are in constant transformation.  Transformation occurs unscripted, so while it is certainty that it will occur, how it occurs is up to each of us.  Choose well, live well.  Improvement = happiness.  [...]

Love Stands in contrast

to pain and sufferig

fully appreciated for its brilliance

when contemplating the withered vine

Still, in solitude

whispered wishes

find wings as prayers

and Hope trickles in

to devastate the coldest black   [...]

Water is a force...

It moves freely into spaces that cannot be occupied by solid, immovable elements.  In this way, it becomes a power to be reckoned with, moving in volume where it pleases.  It fills up tiny crevices, lifting and displacing even the heaviest objects through strength, resolve, and a steady, stubborn effort.  [...]